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GreenBean Organics is now part of Face of Flowers Organic Wales

In 1999 we “discovered” organics and began converting our West Wales beef and sheep farm to organic status. 

Over the last few years we have become convinced of the benefits of not only eating organically but also of using chemical free beauty products.  We have also seen the environmental benefit of organic farming with an increase in birds and wild life on our farm, as well as healthier and happier cows and sheep.  There really is nothing like seeing the calves chasing around the fields on a summer evening.

Now we want to share this organic lifestyle by bringing to you the most comprehensive selection of organic products available on line.  We have tried where possible to offer products from small independent producers and companies who share our views on ethical and sustainable methods of production.  We have, naturally, tried to source as many products as possible from within Wales, inevitably though, in order to offer a fully comprehensive range, we have occasionally had to go further afield.  When sourcing third world products we have tried to make sure that these are FairTrade certified or ethically produced.

Organic fruit and veg delivered to your door West Wales UKWe also guarantee that everything we sell is as ‘organic’ as possible and preferably certified by the Soil Association, the leading certifier of organic products in the UK.  Where it is not possible to obtain fully certified items, such as cleaning products or salt and water then we offer credible environmentally friendly products instead.

At the moment it is difficult to source fully certified cotton products so these will have been made with certified organic cotton but the final product may not be certified.  If any food product is not certified it will be clearly stated this also applies to the beauty range where we have as far as possible only sourced fully certified items.

We know there are more fantastic organic products out there and if yours isn’t listed please let us know so that we can add it to our range.  If you enjoy shopping with us it would be great to hear from – if you don’t then please tell us so we can put it right!

Why Face of Flowers?  Blodeuwedd is a character from the Welsh legends who was made from flowers – the name literally translates as “face of flowers” – and is regarded by some as the Goddess of Spring and Nature so what better name to represent an organic site?

Thanks for reading,
Liz & Bill Lawrence

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